IT Strategy and Service Management Diagnostics

Fast, impactful, analytical diagnostics providing actionable insights around your IT services and processes, as confirmed by your key stakeholders, customers and staff.

At Expertivity, our mantra is "Information is Power“. Our mission is to arm you with data-fueled insights and transparent communication routes to achieve seamless organisational synchrony. John Seely Brown once remarked, “It’s never enough to just inform people of a new discovery. Instead, it’s imperative to make them live the revelation in a manner that underscores its potency and potential.”

Our latest IT Diagnostics encapsulate this very essence. Backed by Info-Tech, one of the rapidly ascending IT research entities globally, Expertivity's IT diagnostics are the solution for IT companies aiming to enhance efficiency and deliver exceptional business value. These diagnostics address the challenges of identifying underperforming services, and the underlying processes. Designed for efficiency, they quickly collect and convert data into actionable insights. They provide a clear snapshot of the current state and ask the right questions, offering essential inputs for effective IT improvement and change.

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Our Diagnostic Programs

Diagnostic Survey Process Overview

Our diagnostics are the simplest way to collect the data you need, turn it into actionable insights, and communicate with stakeholders across the organisation. Each diagnostic takes in general 3-6 weeks to deliver. This includes scoping with Senior Leadership, setting up the diagnostics, completing the survey, delivering the analytics,  reviewing the results and agreeing next steps.


Engage with Stakeholders

Communicate with your stakeholders, set expectations and purpose of the diagnostic survey


Ask the Right Questions

Using our low-effort surveys to get the data you need from stakeholders from within or outside of the IT organisation.

Use Our Diagnostics Engine

Our diagnostic engine does all the heavy lifting and analysis, turning your data into usable information.


Communicate & Take Action

The quick and powerful feedback from your external and internal stakeholders leads to actionable insights on where to pinpoint your attention and focus for improvement. 

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Why Expertivity Technologies? 

As Master Practitioners & Lean Operations Consultants we are trusted by top organisations across multiple industry sectors with complex environments to deliver against business priorities ranging from organisational process improvements to expert project management, strategy execution services to help organisations and their people perform to maximum potential.

We have the flexibility and talent to accommodate either short term or long term requirement, and help you deliver your projects better.

Simply put: We have the experience, we have the know how and we always deliver on time and on budget!