Grant Funding To Support Your
Lean Operational Excellence andDigital Transformation Roadmaps
From  Enterprise Ireland & IDA.

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What is Lean?

Lean can help improve competitiveness by maximising value for the customer, whilst minimising waste of all kinds . Lean methodologies focus on increasing productivity, quality, profit, capacity, and standardisation while decreasing defects, lead time, cost, inventory, and waste. 

What is a Lean Consultant?

A lean consultant helps companies implement lean principles in their business. Different size enterprises hire them to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their organization by reducing waste, improving flow and communication, and ultimately increasing business productivity.

Lean consultant management helps organisations engage all their people, at every level, to help the entire organization work better: delivering more for customers, building stronger capabilities, finding new and better ways of working, and renewing a sense of common purpose.

How Can Lean Improve Competitiveness?

Adopting Lean methodologies can help teams and organizations achieve their goals in smarter, more sustainable ways. A Lean organization focuses its key processes on continuously improving customer value, through a zero-waste value creation process . Shifting the focus of management from optimising separate technologies, departments, and assets to optimising the flow of products and services through entire value steams that flow horizontally across technologies, departments and assets is what Lean thinking aims to accomplish. Lean thinking allows companies to adapt to changing customer needs and wants much quicker than traditional business thinking. 

Lean Funding

Many Government agencies including Enterprise Ireland and the IDA offer a range of supports to businesses, in their   Lean Competitiveness Programmes, tailored to suit different stages of development and specific funding needs. Enterprise Ireland offer a range of different supports such as Lean Business Offer, Digital Innovation/Digital Transformation, Digital Discovery and Build to Innovate. Enterprise Irelands support programmes are designed to encourage clients to adopt Lean business principles in their organisation to increase performance and competitiveness. 

IDA Ireland offer a range of different supports such as Transform your Operations and Lean Global Business Service (GBS) as part of their competitiveness programmes.  IDA Ireland favour green lights over red tape, which is why Ireland has been internationally recognised as the best country in the world for ease of doing business which is why these IDA Grants have been made available.   

Expertivity Technologies have been providers of the Lean Competitiveness Programme for many years across multiple industry sectors. These programs are helping companies across the globe to address competitiveness issues within their businesses by building the capability of their people to identify problems and improve operations.

If you are an Enterprise Ireland or  IDA Ireland client, you too may be entitled to funding. You can  find more information   below for both Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland funding offerings. Please see our EI/IDA  Case Studies  to get an understanding of the Lean Competitiveness Journey from our client’s perspective.

Enterprise Ireland IDA Ireland

Where can Lean be applied?

Lean can be applied in every organisation of all sizes and in all sectors to dramatically improve  its performance over the short, medium and long term. While Lean originated in the manufacturing sector, the Lean mindset and methodologies can be applied just as well to service and knowledge-work sectors too, including Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Engineering, Lifesciences, Clinical Trials and Information Technology including Software Development and Managed Services.

Lean is more than a toolset, its a mindset and way of thinking that can be applied in any organisation, regardless of size or sector. Expertivity are Master Practitioners in the suite of high performance disciplines that include Lean and would be delighted to introduce you to the benefits it can bring to your organisation.  

Transform your Operations with IDA Ireland


Thinking about enhancing your operations in Ireland? IDA Ireland have supports available to help you avail of tools and techniques that can unlock innovation in the way you do business today - giving you the springboard to stay sustainable into the future

  • Outcome-based support options available with significant assistance
  • Lean programme helps in finding creative solutions to enhance competitiveness

Lean Business Offer - Enterprise Ireland

We support Enterprise Ireland clients to achieve significant productivity improvement and cost reductions. Company-wide transformation in culture, agile business execution and sustainable results is what we deliver. Using Lean tools and techniques we can help you to map out and measure processes which can enable the automation of repetitive tasks, thereby freeing up more time for staff to work on value-adding activities.

There are three Lean project levels to choose from:

  1. Lean Start
  2. Lean Plus
  3. Lean Transform

Each level of support is characterised by increasing levels of capability in implementing Lean business principles and other best practice approaches to drive company awareness, adoption and integration of Lean tools and techniques.

Supports are available from:

  • Enterprise Ireland – For indigenous companies, exporting and typically employing more than 10 employees. Also, for Multinational companies using natural resources.

Local Enterprise offices    grant supports improve competitiveness build better enterprise lean business offer digital innovation digital transformation digital discovery build to innovate lean green business offer lean global business services GBS údarás na gaeltachta

For more information on the grants available from Enterprise Ireland click the link below! 

Enterprise Ireland Grants 

For more information on the grants available from IDA Ireland             click the link below! 

IDA Ireland Grants 

Frequently Asked Questions

Lean can help any business by bringing transparency to the processes that deliver your products of services to your customers. Once you and your team can see the issues and challenges in the process, lean has some simple but really effective tools to minimize or eliminate those issues. The result is a process that is simpler, repeatable and therefore more effective in delivering the right product/service, at the right cost and at the right time.

Lean tools and techniques are helping companies across Ireland to address competitiveness issues within their businesses by building the capability of their people to identify problems, improve operations and create a more innovative organisation.

We have delivered many lean programs and it’s fair to say that they have always delivered a significant improvement for our clients.  You can look at our case studies at your convenience to look at the type of results companies can achieve. 

The length of time from application to approval varies, depending on the type of funding being sought i.e. there is a higher level of interaction and information exchange between EI and the IDA advisor and you, the client, for the higher funding, but it would be reasonable to expect the approval process to be completed in 3 – 8 weeks. Again the project completion time line depends on the size of lean program you are applying/approved for, the starter program is 7 days generally delivered over 2 – 3 months. The Lean Plus program is generally in the 6 -12 month time frame and the Lean Transform up to 3 years. You can read the detailed information on the funding offers on the EI/IDA websites but here’s a quick summary that you may find helpful.

The Lean Business Offer is made up of three levels of support:

1.       Lean Start :

Eligible Cost Elements

Eligible Costs

Eligible Grant

External Adviser/trainer

€6,300 based on 7 days advisory services at rate of €900/day. Actual costs based on market rates may be higher

€5,000 based on a grant of up to 80% of eligible costs

2.       LeanPlus

Eligible Cost Elements

Eligible Costs

Eligible Grant

External Lean Training/Advisory costs provided by a Service Provider on the EI directory, capped at €900 per day. Internal salary cost of up to 3 company ‘Lean project champions’, up to 50% of the total project cost, subject to a combined max. of 250 days at €200 per day.

Up to €100,000 in eligible expenditure. Actual company spend may be higher

50% of eligible costs up to a maximum of €50,000

3.       LeanTransform

Eligible Cost Elements

Eligible Costs

Eligible Grant

trainers' and trainees personnel costs, for the hours during which the trainers participate in the training;

Eligible external trainer costs are capped at €900 per day including expenses. Internal staff time (trainer or trainee) is based on actual pay rates to a cap of €350 per day.

The maximum grant rate is based on a percentage of eligible costs and depends on company size;

Small – 70%, Medium – 60%,  Large – 50%

trainers' and trainees' operating costs directly relating to the training project such as travel expenses, materials and supplies

Travel and subsistence expenses are allowed as per standard EI policy where deemed reasonable.


costs of expert advisory services linked to the training project for advice and guidance on training programme implementation and appraisal as well as benchmarking / diagnostics where appropriate

Costs of advisory services are capped at €900 per day including expenses, limited to  a maximum of 10% of the total eligible training project spend up to a project maximum of €200,000.





Each level of support is characterized by increasing levels of capability in implementing Lean business principles and other best practice approaches to drive company awareness, adoption and integration of Lean tools and techniques.

In general, Enterprise Ireland support Irish SME’s involved in manufacturing or International Traded Services. The IDA provide funding support to companies (potential/current) who are considering foreign direct investment in Ireland. You can check if you have the potential to be an Enterprise Ireland or IDA Client by looking at the eligibility criteria on each of their websites, or contact us and we will help you to check it out.

Like anything else, applying for funding for the 1st time may seem daunting but it is quite straight forward. The eligibility and application steps are all highlighted in the Enterprise Ireland Website under Productivity and Business Process Improvement Supports and on the IDA site under ‘How We Help’ Funding Sources and Incentives.  Expertivity have delivered many Lean Programs and are always happy to support our clients with the application process. 

Why Expertivity Technologies? 

As Master Practitioners & Lean Operations Consultants we are trusted by top organisations across multiple industry sectors with complex environments to deliver against business priorities ranging from organisational process improvements to expert project management, strategy execution services to help organisations and their people perform to maximum potential.

We have the flexibility and talent to accommodate either short term or long term requirement, and help you deliver your projects better.

Simply put: We have the experience, we have the know how and we always deliver on time and on budget! 

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