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IT Strategy & Service Management Diagnostics 

Fast, impactful, analytical diagnostics providing actionable insights around your IT services and processes.

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Bringing transparency, control and improved service productivity to the Service and Knowledge Sectors. 

It may come as surprise, but more than 50% of the work in service and knowledge-work organisations is a waste of time and money and the challenge is to find which 50%.  Many leaders struggle to understand what their staff are actually doing, why there is such performance variation from month to month and what is driving process costs.  Because work demand comes into the business in the form of internal and external emails, queries passed on by call centres and workflow items, the content and value of the work is difficult to see.

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  “Expertivity are a team of true professionals and a pleasure to work with. They get involved in the execution of change and transformation, rather than just talk the talk. In fact, our senior management team would consider them lightning rod for the disaffection of change." 
- Leading Financial Services Executive

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