Core IT Processes

Assess the importance and effectiveness of your core IT processes

What is a Core IT Process Diagnostic?

Core IT Process Survey and Diagnostic helps you to get the data you need to start your process improvement journey. This assessment collates feedback from your internal managers and will help you to: 

  • Quickly assess the health of your Core IT processes.
  • Understand your department’s strengths and weaknesses across all Core IT processes.
  • Prioritise your key IT processes and build an improvement roadmap.
  • See which processes your team have deemed most important and validate their assessment.
  • Establish clear ownership of Core IT Processes and design a training and development plan for the process owners.

What is inside the box?

Core IT Process Diagnostic collects feedback from your managers within IT, highlights your organisation’s most pressing IT process needs and prioritise its effectiveness and importance to the business.

Process Importance


View your  IT processes ranked based on their perceived importance. Understand which processes your team believes are crucial to them and to the organisation. View the areas of most disagreement within the team

Process Effectiveness


View all your IT processes in order of their perceived effectiveness. Understand which processes your team believes are working well, and which are broken. View the areas of most disagreement within the team

Team Involvement in Processes


View current accountabilities for each IT process. Draws attention to processes that have more than one person accountable or none.

Review and adjust accountability profile 

Frequently Asked Questions

Leaders (managers and above) within IT

There are 3 questions for each of the 45 core processes

It will take participants 15-20 minutes to complete the survey. 

The target participant rate is minimum 75%. 

Expertivity Technologies will send a shareable, self-registration link to the IT leaders and managers at desired launch time.

  • Participants Details: Name, Email, Role, Seniority

Yes, benchmarking data is available. 

Yes. While the diagnostic is based on the COBIT framework with additional items included, the focus of the survey questions is on the importance, effectiveness, and ownership of these IT processes.  So regardless of which framework you are more familiar with, or what you have implemented, the results will still be credible.

If you have any questions about IT Diagnostics please contact us today!

Why Expertivity Technologies? 

As Master Practitioners & Lean Operations Consultants we are trusted by top organisations across multiple industry sectors with complex environments to deliver against business priorities ranging from organisational process improvements to expert project management, strategy execution services to help organisations and their people perform to maximum potential.

We have the flexibility and talent to accommodate either short term or long term requirement, and help you deliver your projects better.

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