Taming Complexity &  Unleashing  Expertise

The failure to tame unnecessary complexity is weighing organisations down and sapping peoples energy.  People in organisations 
spend most of their time using their ingenuity to navigate organisational complexity. What is worse, so do customers!    

At Expertivity we help organisations maximise the application of your peoples expertise while simplifying your customers access to that expertise. 

taming complexity

Taming Complexity: Is your organisation a thicket of complexity....

 In a recent article from the Harvard Business Review, the authors make the point that just because systems or organisations are difficult to understand doesn’t make them inherently bad. However when complexity untamed is allowed run wild in your organisation, you end up with an organisational thicket, a dense  growth of "processes", policies, procedures, audit and regulatory requirements, ad-hoc work, projects and a plethora of reactive responses to unexpected events.

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Taming Complexity: a well designed and maintained garden....

Organisations who manage to tame complexity will unleash peoples full potential, unshackle the organisations resources and make it easy for  customers to access.

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Taming Compelxity