Why Actively Managed Processes Tame Complexity and Empower People.
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Why Actively Managed Processes Tame Complexity and Empower People.
Expertivity Technologies , Elizabeth Hegarty

How hard is it to get things done in your organisation? Are your people relaxed and enjoying the open road or up to their ankles in complexity and ambiguity? 

Much of an organisations complexity and ambiguity is self-inflicted. Organisations who invest in becoming operationally excellent are less complex, insight rich, more profitable, with happier customers and lower staff attrition. 

A major contributor to unnecessary complexity is the failure to actively manage business processes. 

Best managed when part of the mid-level managers role, developing some simple, structured, horizontal collaboration practices will dramatically improve your organisations agility and overall performance. 

It is true that processes are constraints, but the term constraint is much misunderstood. Well designed and operationalised processes are constraints that enable repeatable good practices.

 In organisations that actively manage their processes, they hinder the “random walks” that people otherwise need to undertake, in pursuit of the “how do we do things around here”. 

Business processes should and can be the “how we best do things around here”. They capture and propagate the combined wisdom and knowledge of the organisation so as to learn and then improve its effectiveness and efficiency, its operational excellence. 

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Alex McDonnell is an expert in bringing operational excellence to service and knowledge-work organisations. He is a Certified Lean Master Black Belt with over 30 years experience working with complex organisations to help them improve their effectiveness. 

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