The Organisational Big Bang

Cultivating High Performance From Inception
6 November 2023 by
The Organisational Big Bang
Expertivity Technologies , Elizabeth Hegarty

Cultivating High Performance From Inception

The genesis of the universe and the founding of an organisation are cosmic events of vast potential, both heralding the emergence of something momentous. In the entrepreneurial universe, the birth of a new organisation can be likened to the Big Bang – an initial singularity erupting into existence, with every subsequent action contributing to its unique constellation of culture and identity.

The Spark of Inception

Much like the Big Bang, starting an organisation is about setting into motion forces that will define the future. It's a singular point where decisions are dense with potential, and their impact is far-reaching, echoing through the life of the company. This initial burst is where the core values, mission, and essence of the organisation's culture are forged, setting the trajectory for growth or demise and evolution or stagnation. One out of the bottle, the genie that is culture can become the cultivator of unlimited potential or the monster that devours its young.

Cultivating Culture in the Cosmic Soup

As the early universe expanded, simple elements combined to form complex structures; similarly, in the fledgling days of an organisation, simple foundational principles interlace to create the complex culture and management style that will permeate the organisation. Culture in this sense becomes the gravitational pull that aligns actions, decisions, and behaviours – it’s the invisible force that shapes the organisational cosmos.

1. Values as Stellar Guides:

Just as stars guide travellers, an organisation's core values guide its people. They serve as the principles around which the culture coalesces. The articulation and cultivation of these values during the inception phase is akin to lighting the first stars of the universe, offering illumination and direction.

2. Vision as the Expansion Path:

The Big Bang set the universe on an expansion path that continues to this day. Likewise, a clear and compelling vision sets an organisation on its path of growth. The vision serves as the space-time fabric that stretches and flexes to accommodate the company’s ambitions and dreams.

3. Leadership as Cosmic Architects:

Organisations are complex systems and the crucial nature of initial conditions in complex systems cannot be overstressed. They have a profound influence on the trajectory and outcomes of the system over time. For organisations, recognising and carefully designing these initial conditions with an understanding of their long-term impact, is a step towards sustainable success and operational excellence. For leaders, this means making strategic decisions with a comprehensive understanding of their potential ripple effects through the complex system of their organisation.

Leaders act as the architects of this expanding cultural universe. Through their actions, decisions, and the precedents they set, leaders influence the organisational structure and the culture's complexity. They must ensure that the initial conditions are optimal for a healthy and sustainable culture to thrive.

4. Engagement as the Binding Force:

Employee engagement in the early stages is like the force that binds galaxies together. Engaged team members will orbit the organisation's core values and vision, driven by the gravitational force of a shared purpose and culture.

5. Adaptation and Innovation as Evolution:

In the grand cosmic scale, adaptation and innovation are the processes that lead to new celestial bodies and phenomena. In an organisation, the ability to adapt and innovate ensures the culture evolves to meet the changing needs of the organisation and its environment.

Nurturing the Cosmos

The Big Bang teaches us that from a singular explosion of energy, an entire universe can grow. So too can an organisation's culture expand from its founding ethos. This growth must be nurtured carefully to ensure that, like the universe, it remains bound by its foundational forces even as it evolves into its full potential.


The creation of an organisation is a pivotal moment of possibility. It is the opportunity to set in motion a culture that will dictate the organisation’s very fabric, much as the Big Bang set the parameters for our universe. It is an opportunity, an obligation, and a privilege to seed this cultural cosmos with the elements of integrity, purpose, and vision. In doing so, organisation leaders have the power to craft a legacy that, much like the stars, can endure the test of time and space.

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The Organisational Big Bang
Expertivity Technologies , Elizabeth Hegarty 6 November 2023
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