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Operational Excellence and Enterprise Excellence 

The Science and Disciplines that Underpin Excellence in Agile & Adaptive Execution in a Digital World

Our Name is What We Do
Our name Expertivity is a combination of the words Expertise and Productivity. In today’s knowledge economy, harnessing an organisation's combined knowledge & expertise to achieve its mission, vision and goals is key to its survival. Maximising the effective and efficient application of that knowledge and expertise in agile and adaptive structures, enhances  an organisation's competitiveness and its ability to thrive over the short, medium and long term.

We are Master Practitioners in the science and disciplines that underpin Operational Excellence and Enterprise Excellence . For over 20 years we have been building and developing this expertise and have helped over 50 organisations covering more than 500 teams significantly improve their performance.

We offer this expertise and experience  for the benefit of organisations who wish to become operationally excellent and improve the effectiveness (doing the right things) and efficiency (doing the right things well) of their organisation. However achieving high levels of  effectiveness and efficiency is no longer "good enough" and organisations now need to become agile and adaptive in order to learn, adapt and respond to the increasingly changing and competitive digital world in which we live.  Operational Excellence extended to the "whole organisation" is known as Enterprise Excellence.

Dual Technologies
Technology, “the practical application of knowledge” is more commonly used in the context of "Information/Digital Technology", but it also encompasses “Management Technology”, the practical application of management knowledge and best practices. The application of both the “industrial” and “management” technologies of the last centuries has driven the enormous increases in innovation and productivity achieved.

Although the science and disciplines of operational excellence have their roots in the industrial era, the team at Expertivity have invested heavily in adapting and enhancing them to address the challenges facing modern organisations. Today, effectiveness and efficiency are no longer sufficient, organisations need to develop the agility and adaptiveness to learn and respond quickly to the ever changing world in which they operate and compete. 

Service and Knowledge Work in a DIgital World
Service and knowledge work organisations have displaced their industrial cousins as the dominant economic force and advances in digital technologies are transforming the economic and social landscape. Today, organisations of all types need to have a compelling value proposition, a well-designed business model and the ability to execute extraordinarily well in order to be competitive. To survive into the future, organisations also need the agility to learn, adapt, reconfigure and respond to the increasingly complex and changing digital environment in which they operate.

Systemic, Whole Organisation Performance 
Modern organisations and workforces can no longer be managed as mechanistic entities with functional silos and hierarchical command and control practices. The increasing complexity of customer needs, digital technologies, automation and the demands of a highly educated and expectant workforce, require new ways of organising and managing work. Modern organisations are recognised as being Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) where simple "cause and effect" paradigms no longer apply.

Modern organisations need to be understood and managed as "whole systems" where improving the performance of individual functions, departments or teams can no longer be assumed to improve the organisations performance. Indeed such "local optimisation" is often at the root cause of a broader systemic dysfunction  or organisational failure. At Expertivity we have invested in building expertise and experience in the science and disciplines that underpins "whole systems" management and are leaders in applying this "Systems Thinking" to organisations for the benefit of our clients and their customers.    

Agility is the Future
Organisation / Business agility therefore is the ability to reconfigure strategies, structures, processes, people, and technology towards value-creating and value-protecting goals. To achieve this, organisations need to invest in both Digital and Management Technologies. Expertivity Technologies are uniquely placed to assist organisations develop both these capabilities in tandem. Our "Agile Business Execution Canvas®"   provides an integrated framework for assessing organisational agility and helps in bridging the resulting gaps.  

Exceeding Customer Expectations
Our extensive client list will testify to the long-term competitive advantages that we have helped their organisations build and iteratively adapt to the changing economic landscape. Our agile transformation expertise and experience can be relied on to help clients cope with the constantly changing environment and rewire their organisation for agility, adaptiveness and speed in an effective and efficient manner. We consistently over-deliver on results for our clients, meet our deadlines and stay within the agreed budgets.  

Our Team are Master Practitioners
Our clients understand that we are different from traditional consulting companies - we are hands-on practitioners who prefer to roll up our sleeves and be part of their transformation journey. Our approach involves assessing, advising, planning and executing programs that deliver exceptional results. We offer our proprietary methodologies and technologies that are proven to enhance people’s empowerment by helping them develop new information and insights to make better decisions. 

Track Record of Delivering Sustainable Results and Transferring Knowledge
Our team have a long track record of successfully helping organisations build and embed the skills and capabilities required to dramatically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their organisation in the increasingly complex and competitive environment in which they operate.

Established in 2003 as McLaw and Associates Ltd., we have been the leading provider of “Management Technology” expertise to the Service and Knowledge Work Sectors, particularly in the area of Lean and Operational Excellence.  In 2010, we founded Xpertivity Ltd. to develop and expand our digital technology capabilities where we developed ServiceForce, our cloud based "Operational Excellence Management System" for Service and Knowledge Work. In 2013 we established Kefron McLaw as a joint venture with Kefron Ltd, a document management company.
In 2019 we brought these companies together under a single brand & management structure as Expertivity Technologies. 

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