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The Lean Business Ireland Community brings together, in one place, all the key elements supporting and building competitiveness in Ireland for all sectors of the economy. 

In 2019 we were honoured to be awarded  "Lean Service Provider of the Year" in the service sector category for a portfolio of projects delivered in the preceding 18 months including helping a Government Shared Services Centre develop and deploy a "Daily Lean Service Operations Management System" based on our ServiceForce platform.

Supported by our training and mentoring, this integrated lean management system helped embed lean management practices into their day to day operations and transformed the effectiveness of  their operations by dramatically improving their customer service levels while greatly improving their efficiency by doing so with 35% less effort.
ServiceForce: Lean Management System for Service and Knowledge Work 
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The Agile Business Execution Canvas® .
Our unique Agile Business Execution Canvas® is a "whole organisation" model for helping the people in your organisation understand what the organisation is trying to do and coordinate their efforts to iteratively improve the performance of the whole organisation for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Agile and Adaptive in a Digital World

We are Master Practitioners in the Disciplines of Operational and Enterprise Excellence for Service and Knowledge Work Organisations and similar Functions in Industrial and Manufacturing Organisations . 

Clients leverage our deep expertise in understanding and addressing the unique challenges facing these sectors in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their performance. Our expertise and the successes we have brought to our clients is service sector agnostic and we have extensive experience in Healthcare, Life Insurance, Pensions, General Insurance, Motor and Home Insurance, Banking, Telecoms, Technology, Construction, Utility Infrastructure Government, Public Sector, Clinical Trials, Global Business Services and Shared Services. 

Our clients come from Multinationals, Large, Medium or Small Enterprises including Start-Ups who want to begin life by being excellent and staying the course. 

Working with people in the organisation, we share our knowledge, expertise and experience to help them empower their teams, functions or whole organisations to become more effective (achieving your goals) and efficient (optimal use of resources). 
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