ServiceForce : Lean Operations Work-Management System For Service and Knowledge Work Organisations

Your cloud based technology solution helps organisations (on-premise, remotely or in combination) plan, schedule, optimally allocate, track and improve the workload demands of service and knowledge work with their available capacity.


ServiceForce: Lean Operations Work-Management System for Service and Knowledge Work Organisations

ServiceForce is a cloud-based, lean operations work-management system, specifically designed to empower teams and organisations to optimally manage the complex needs of service and knowledge work organisations. It does so by empowering teams with the information and insights required to proactively manage their resources and workload demand.  It is the first and only cloud-based lean operations management solution, designed to manage the complex needs of these sectors, utilising the principles of lean operations management.

ServiceForce provides a speedy, flexible deployment roadmap beginning with a standalone deployment requiring no integration with other systems before progressing to a  loosely-coupled deployment with a wide variety of case management and/or workflow systems. As ServiceForce provides a wide variety of insights and information to significantly improve the performance of the organisation's processes, organisations can move to a fully integrated deployment based on the improved process designs or depending on the organisation's needs and requirements.

Whether it be a single team, a large multi-team back-office operation or a shared services centre, it is an integrated operation management system that enhances the organisation's capability to take control of its operations and improve its performance in order to exceed its goals and objectives

“Expertivity not only delivered 30% improvement in operational performance within 6 months but also provided ServiceForce, a platform for sustained improvement.”  - Senior Executive, Financial Services Sector

ServiceForce is the lean operations work-management solution for organisations who are striving to reduce costs whilst improving the customer experience but who lack clear, reliable and actionable operations performance information.

Unlike workforce management solutions, our work-management system empowers people to self manage their work and cooperate with their colleagues across the organisation to improve the overall performance of their organisation.

ServiceForce + Case Management + Workflow Solution 

We can quickly deploy an integrated, on-premise or cloud-based "Integrated Service Operations Management System" by combining ServiceForce with our  "low code" case management and workflow platforms. This solution provides a powerful work-management system with a dynamic, adaptable case management and workflow system that includes real-time process monitoring with integrated dashboards.

A large percentage of service and knowledge work can be managed more effectively and efficiently in a case management and workflow system not the least of which is the elimination of unstructured email communications or paper forms.

Typically, case management systems capture the number of tasks to be performed and the workflow solution routes cases to the people qualified  to handle the case or task. ServiceForce however converts this unit volume data into time and effort, thereby allowing teams match their workload demand to their available, skilled capacity.

Built on the principles of Lean Operations, Serviceforce not just helps people and teams more effectively and efficiently manage their workload demand and capacity, it also helps them improve how they that. 

Teams using ServiceForce typically improve their productivity by between 15% and 25% by just using it to help manage their existing work. However, by leveraging the insights and information that ServiceForce makes available, teams can typically improve the performance of their own teams by another 15% -25%.

By leveraging the connectedness that comes from many teams working on ServiceForce, teams can collaborate to improve the performance of end-to-end processes (Value Streams) and drive large scale improvements in performance across the organisation.    

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CaseVision & ServiceForce: Integrated Management System for Back Office Operations

ServiceForce and CaseVision are available as a stand alone applications or can be combined to provide a powerful complete back office management solution.

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