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Expert process analysis in the palm of your hand

As Operational Improvement Specialists, Industrial Engineers, Lean Practitioners, Business Process Consultants – whatever our titles might be – we appreciate just how hard it is to carry out a great diagnostic study with serious time limitations. Our experience has shown us that understanding the operational detail ‘on the ground’ and engaging with the workforce where the change will happen, are vital to success. The problem is that this takes time and therefore money.

Clients want to get at benefits delivery fast and they don’t want to waste money.

Gone are the days when our clients will (or even should) accept us carrying out our work using manual methods. The ‘stopwatch, paper, pen and clipboard’ have had their day. It’s no longer acceptable in this digital age to continue like this. How can we, as Lean Practitioners look our clients in the eye, knowing that we’re not lean ourselves, and tell them we’re going to help them improve? And most importantly, how can we do this better, differently and more affordably?

In the long run, clients will value the Expert’s impact on their organisation’s performance – of course. But they will value it all the more if we can get them to benefits faster, more cost-effectively and engage their teams in change along the way… that’s why our unique vFlow software was developed. 

vFlow® is a unique ‘Swiss Army-knife’ for Improvement Specialists.

Super-simple to use & flexible in its application.
Key features include:

Enables easier, more accurate, faster data capture 

Automatically produces reports in seconds


Integrated Resource Scheduling model



For every day of study, a day of labour is saved on manual transcription and analysis!

• It halves the cost of diagnostic studies – increasing competitive advantage 

• vFlow makes diagnostic improvement studies finally affordable and accessible to smaller clients – enabling market growth

Key Benefits 

• Allows us to get to benefits delivery faster – delighting our clients

• Data capture is easier and accuracy greatly increased

• Instant reports enable rapid engagement of teams , overcoming resistance to change

Are Many 

• Every day of diagnosis = a day of labour saving in improvement study effort (vFlow® pays for itself several times over )

• Backlog reduction benefits delivery starts sooner – backlog reduces faster 

No more late nights of analysis!


vFlow® - Designed BY Experts, FOR Experts.

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