Lean Service Operations Management for Teams and Their Managers

Expertivity Technologies in conjunction with Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) present a 15 Credit (ECTS) (online or on premises) programme guided by expertise gained over 20 years of achieving successful improvements  for clients. This programme sets your organisation up for success by embedding the key disciplines of high performance execution at team and inter-team level.  


Half Days/Module




ECTS Per Module


ECTS in Total

Did you know that over 80% of modern economies including Ireland's, are now dependent on the service and knowledge work sectors and increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of these sectors is now a global challenge.

Programme Overview

The Lean Service Operations Management course offers a challenging opportunity for those who wish to further their career in Service Operations Management in the service and knowledge work sectors.       

It is the first academically-certified programme in Ireland that focuses on developing front-line and mid-level managers and engaging employees in enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of service organisations.

This course examines both traditional and modern approaches for achieving operational competitiveness in service businesses. The course addresses strategic analysis and operational decision making and the student is introduced to the advanced lean tools and methods of world class service operations management, including their real-world practical application.

Module One

Developing the Skills, Knowledge and Techniques for Team Leaders 

Managing ambiguity and complexity: the role and responsibilities of a team leader

Psychological safety and effective leadership styles for team leaders

Developing your team: goal alignment and motivation for high performance.

Methods and tools for managing workload demand and team capacity.

Data/evidence-based communications and reporting.

Continuous improvement and problem solving.

Managing people and the associated challenges, challenged inside and outside your team.

The team’s role in optimising end-to-end business processes.

Module Two

Managing the Inter-Team Dynamics of High Performance for Mid-Level Managers 

Understanding the unique “systemic” inter-team & inter-functional dynamics of services.

Multi-Team development and how to build trust amongst teams.

Teaming, relational coordination and how to effectively collaborate.

Developing the inter-personal skills and tools to manage across teams & boundaries.

Psychological safety and effective leadership styles for mid-level managers

Optimise and sustain team performance using data and work management tools.

Module Three

Applying the Tools, Techniques and Skills for Lean Service Operations Management 

Tools and methods for managing ambiguity, uncertainty, and variability in S&KW.

Adapting the Tools, Techniques and Skills of Lean & Operations Management for S&KW.

Methods, data & tools required to manage demand and capacity in S&KW teams.

Visual Management: Tools and methods for continuous improvement and problem solving.

Priority Decision Matrix: Aligning improvements with organisational goals and objectives (OKR).

SIPOCs and Value Stream Maps to visualise and improve cross functional performance.

Process Management: Sustaining operational performance and continuous improvement over time.

3 Modules

Modules are standalone.


5 ECTS per Module.

6 Half Days/Module

Delivered over 6 - 10 weeks.

Career Progression

Career advancement to management positions within the service and knowledge work sectors

Setup, improve or expand your service or knowledge work business

Candidates can choose from a range of opportunities within the financial, health care, public sector, technical support services worldwide including sales and marketing, human resources, accounting and much more

Students learn to use some of the leading digital technologies for managing services

Course Advantages

Curriculum tailored to unique complexities of service and knowledge work organisations suitable for both Private and Public sector

Classroom or remote delivery models from tutors who are expert practitioners with 25+ years of experience.   

Class sizes are small and include practical examples of real-world problems & solutions relevant to the students.

Eligible for Student status at Technological University Dublin including access to student resources, library and other facilities.

Can be tuned to your company’s specific needs.

Learning Outcomes

Module 1:

Developing the Skills, Knowledge and Techniques for Team Leaders

Module 2:

Managing the Inter-Team Dynamics of High Performance for Mid-Level Managers

Module 3:

Applying the Tools, Techniques and Skills for Lean Service Operations Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

This course is designed specifically for Service & Knowledge Worker Organisations.

What is the cost?

There are 3 modules at €1185/module/person.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, group discounts apply.

Is it self-taught or instructor led?

The course is instructor led and is designed to either be classroom or remotely delivered.

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