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The Agile Business Execution Canvas (ABEC) is a scaffolding framework that empowers all the people in an organisation to align and cohere their skills, enthusiasm and energies so as to achieve your organisations mission, vison and objectives. ABEC facilitates the emergence of your preferred organisation from within the complex interactions that constitute our modern networked society. The ABEC survey provides an analysis and measurement (ABEC Sores) of the gaps in 6 foundational dimensions and 21 executional dimensions that together make up an organisations overall effectiveness, efficiency and agility. Th resulting gap analyses  prepares your teams for conversations on how to improve the organisations overall performance.

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Once you have completed the survey we will email you a report that has a compilation of your responses and how they compare against the industry trends in each of the dimensions. Click here to see a sample report

If you would like to understand the report in detail or discuss opportunities for improvement, please contact info@expertivity.com