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ServiceForce & CaseVision: Operational Excellence Management System 
Specifically designed to manage the complex needs of service and knowledge work organisations both internally and remotely as is required during the Covid-19 business response
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ServiceForce: Lean Operations Management System for Service Organisations

Expertivity Covid-19 Response: Crisis response experience, quickly deployed digital low-code solutions, remote workforce management and case management performance. Agile and effective digital solutions meeting the new demands on business due to Covid-19

ServiceForce is a cloud-based, lean operations management system, specifically designed to help manage the complex needs of service and knowledge work organisations. It does so by empowering teams to build visibility and control, by actively managing their resources and workload demand.  It is the first and only cloud-based operations management solution, designed to manage the complex needs of this sector, utilising the principles of lean operations management.

Designed specifically for the effective management of large back-office operations, it is an integrated operation management system that enhances the organisation's capability to exceed its goals and objectives.

“Expertivity not only delivered 30% improvement in operational performance within 6 months but also provided ServiceForce, a platform for sustained improvement.” - Senior Executive, Financial Services Sector

ServiceForce is the operations management solution for organisations who are striving to reduce costs whilst improving the customer experience but who lack clear, reliable and actionable operations performance information.

CaseVision: Case Management Systems 
ServiceForce is built on CaseVision, an on-premise or cloud-based, "low code" case management platform that combines powerful data management solutions with a dynamic adaptable case management system that includes collaboration and communication tools as well as automated notifications and real-time process monitoring with its integrated dashboards.

Case-specific business process solutions allow each case to move through the dynamic process that is required by the internal and external stakeholders. Built-in communications tools allow the teams to stay connected, share information, coordinate their efforts and maintain visibility.

Real-time process monitoring is possible using configurable dashboards that also simplify report generation. Defined alert triggers and threshold monitoring enable automated notifications.

Case-vision is built on the same effective platform as our Operations Management System, ServiceForce and the systems works seamlessly together to manage the progress of the cases through the process along with the allocation of cases to the team and their capability to deliver against targets.
CaseVision & ServiceForce: Integrated Management System for Back Office Operations

ServiceForce and CaseVision are available as a stand alone applications or can be combined to provide a powerful complete back office management solution

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