Service Operational Excellence

The Foundation for Enterprise Excellence & Agility

Our master practitioners in service operational excellence help service and knowledge-work organisations enhance their existing abilities to deliver a great customer experience by reducing costs and improving staff morale!  

Business Agility needs two things – the ability to move fast, be nimble and responsive but importantly it requires stability, a stable foundation, a platform of things that don’t change.  Service Operational Excellence builds this stable core that becomes the anchor that roots the organization becoming a springboard for change. Comprehensive programmes typically follow 3 natural phases:

  1. Initiate: During the initiate phase, capability building for Operational Excellence will be introduced. Objectives during this phase include; the selection of a suitable Operational Excellence methodology for the client, development of compliance structures, building a capability building framework, providing divisional support and establishing Leadership commitment.

  2. Accelerate: The Accelerate phase broadens the application of Operational Excellence from initial focus periods to sustainable Continuous Improvement structures.  Key objectives for this phase of the programme include; the refinement of leadership commitment, development of enhanced diagnostic and measurement techniques, integration of Operational Excellence with business target setting processes, capability effectiveness verification, continued support of divisional implementation.

  3. Sustain: The sustain phase focuses on embedding an Operational Excellence culture, the final phase in building a capability in this area. Objectives for this phase of the programme include: introduction of advanced Operational Excellence tools and techniques, refine the alignment of improvement objectives and Key Performance Indicators, establish Continuous Improvement Structures throughout the organisation, introduce monetisation of improvements to assist with initiative selection, enhance use of visual management, advance leadership engagement and commitment.

Expertivity’s Service Operational Excellence Programmes consistently deliver significant performance improvement and sustainability. We have achieved a minimum of 15% performance improvement, averaging 28% and up to 40%.

Whether you have travelled some of the journey to operational/enterprise excellence, or are just beginning, Expertivity can help and assist you along the way making sure that you achieve your key organisational objectives and goals. We offer a variety of program options, such as:

Pilot Programmes

A pilot programme is a small-scale, short-term (10 - 12 weeks) experiment that helps your organisation learn how a large-scale project might work in practice. It provides a platform for you to test logistics, prove value and reveal deficiencies before spending a significant amount of time, energy or money on a large-scale project. You can select an area causing you most concern at the moment in terms of capacity, cost or customer service. Our pilots will demonstrate the effective use of lean tools and methodology to deliver improved results in the area of 25% to 40% with a minimum of 15% assured.

End to End Process Improvement

Our end-to-end approach treats each of your key processes as assets that directly contribute to your business value and performance. Processes within and between organisations are frequently not well understood. Process knowledge is often limited by organisational boundaries. Often, no one in the organisation has an end-to-end understanding of the order-to-cash process. As a result, visibility into business operations is limited, and responding to opportunities or threats is cumbersome, slow and costly. With impaired visibility, it is difficult if not impossible to understand where value is created, lost and distributed.

Lean Operations Management

The Lean Operations Management Programme is a consistently successful program.  We work in conjunction with a suite of people involved in the management of a chosen business area - usually the executive, manager, team lead and team. Together we examine the business objectives and goals for the area and complete an opening assessment of the area's capability in terms of demand, capacity, costs, quality and customer service. Then, within 3-6 months, using lean operations management tools, methodologies and training the department will have improved all metrics with an overall improvement level in the region of 25%.

The 25 Steps Operations Fundamentals Programme

The 25-Step Service Operations fundamentals programme has several key elements that contribute to its success in productivity and efficiency performance improvement:

  1. It is interactive and inclusive: full team, team leader and management involvement.

  2. It is created, reviewed & signed off by the full team to identify key missing data

  3. Continuous review of process steps, task times, value and flow together create deep learning and awareness of task and process ownership.

  4. The workforce management system, ServiceForce, drives the right operations management behaviours by calling for key operations data every day.  Staff have their own interface to confirm their output levels and to highlight any difficulties that have affected their performance i.e. systems/printer issues, unplanned meetings etc.

  5. System supports sustainability by creating a routine operations management activity and focus.

Our case studies demonstrate the effect we had on one financial services organisation in just 16 weeks!