Agile Transformation

Rewire for stability, adaptiveness and speed 

                    Expertivity Technologies provide agile transformation services to  rewire organisations for stability, adaptiveness and speed . By helping companies develop and mature capabilities, we shape organisational structures, helping them deliver faster and more responsively, in a continually changing business landscape.

                    Leveraging agile methodologies and our proprietary technology, our team deliver productivity enhancements and value creation across the entire business organisation. We rewire organisations for agility. Our expert teams scale the use of agile to build momentum and responsiveness, helping organisations innovate more rapidly and invest more wisely, in addition to:

                    • Realise savings across all spend categories  by building a  world-class procurement organization  and supply chain management system. Our proprietary spending and saving benchmarks, robust analytics and other tools help organisations buy better and spend better.
                    • Improving customer service through innovative  service design  that supports customer acquisition and retention  we deliver improvements across all areas of the customer journey .
                    • Innovate more rapidly and invest more wisely : by optimising organisations capacity requirements we drive out complexity and prioritise customer needs using our proprietary technology Service Force, which is underpinned by lean methodologies and has delivered productivity improvements throughout Financial and Health Services.

                    Transformation can struggle if change frameworks are not embedded across the organisations and if employees are not brought on the change journey. We help organisations move towards self-sufficiency through skill improvements, enhanced productivity tools and through full CPD accredited training and support programmes.

                    In doing so we build resilience in the face of new technology, market volatility, changing regulatory environments and changing customer demands.

                    The cornerstone of large scale transformation is not simply technology. Being an agile business goes beyond technology delivery. It permeates organisational structures, processes, culture, governance, customer experience and innovation.

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