Agile Business Execution Canvas®

Agile Buisiness Execution Canvas 1

The Agile Business Execution Canvas® is a propitiatory framework developed by Alex McDonnell, CEO of Expertivity Technologies as part of his research work carried out with the University of Limerick in Ireland. Alex's research identified that most of the improvement opportunities discovered during traditional process improvement initiatives have at their source two root cause problems:

  1. Failure to learn and apply known, best management practices

  2. Failure to manage the organisation as an integrated "whole system"

Our Agile Business Execution Canvas® provides a framework by which both root causes can be analysed and sustainable solutions identified & deployed.  Each of the canvases 25 elements links to the known best practices, tools and methodologies that together help organisations achieve operational excellence. The canvas provides an integrated framework by which the silos inherent in the traditional functional structures can be aligned and empowers all the people to collaborate and manage the organisation as a "whole system."



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